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WSP Opus archaeologists identify historic find

4 June 2019 Kate Palmer

glass bottle 916171 1920 1

Work to prepare a key Marlborough transport route for the future has shed new light on the past.

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WSP Opus welcomes Wellbeing Budget

30 May 2019 Kate Palmer

Community 1

Ian Blair, WSP Opus Managing Director, explains why a focus on wellbeing is important.

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Opinion: Roads don’t cause crashes, human error does

6 May 2019 Kate Palmer

roadside memorial

Leading safety expert Dr Fergus Tate discusses what people can do to reduce the risk for themselves and other road users.

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The aftermath of Cyclone Fehi and Cyclone Gita

20 March 2019 Chloe Brigden

Sh1 damage from Cyclone

This time last year ex-tropical cyclones Fehi and Gita caused over $81 million dollars of destruction during their six-week siege of New Zealand’s west coast.

The fury of Fehi and Gita forced the West Coast, Nelson and Tasman regions into a state of emergency; with many communities needing to evacuate their homes due to severe storms, flooding and contamination.

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Can we change our approach to urban mobility systems

22 February 2019 Kate Palmer


At the Active Living and Environment Conference last week Claire Pascoe, Lead Advisor Urban Mobility NZTA, suggested that we might need to apply some different thinking to address our urban transport challenges.

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What is Smart Mobility?

19 December 2018

Episode 1

Is it possible to design a future where car is no longer king?

A future city is determining trends in data, technology and behaviours and utilising such findings to shape the way we live, work and transport ourselves. 

The Future Cities Podcast delves into the behind-the-scenes stories of New Zealand's engineers. As we touch base to see how this information is gathered, analysed and encompassed to build better, more liveable cities. Touching on technologies and trends that have shaped their careers, disruptors in the industry and technologies that are transforming the world we live in. 

In this episode, Expert in Smart Mobility, Louise Baker talks about a vision of our transport future where the car is no longer king, and all forms of transport are easily accessible.

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Mobility as a co-op

17 December 2018 Kate Palmer


It’s clear from the way users have embraced initiatives such as bike and e-scooter sharing schemes that there is a considerable appetite for a future that is built on shared and active mobility.

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Getting our transport infrastructure future-ready

December 2018 Kate Palmer

transport corridor

Moving people and goods around New Zealand requires infrastructure that crosses regional boundaries, uses multiple modes (on land and water, and in the air), and includes public and private organisations. The decisions we make in this area will affect our communities long into the future. Dr Vivienne Ivory, WSP Opus Technical Principal, Social Science, Resilience, Public Health, discusses the work being done to future-ready our infrastructure.

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WSP Opus boosts transport expertise

20 November 2018 Kate Palmer


Leading engineering consultancy WSP Opus is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Fergus Tate as Technical Director, Transport.

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